Monday, March 19, 2007

Not Your Average Joe

I have to tell you all about Joe Mishkin, this incredible balloon artist/children's entertainer I have seen in action the last two weekends. Okay, first, I'll admit, I have a crush on him. He makes me laugh out loud and he's kinda cute, in a hyperactive, fuzzy rodent way. But seriously, the guy is a fantastic entertainer and I highly recommend you check out the calendar on his web site...he has gigs in public venues a couple times a month, so if you want to "see the goods" yourself before hiring him for a birthday party or whatever, you can. He does NOT make balloon animals...silly hats, space hats, fairy/butterfly wings, and magic wands are his thing. Chrissy & I took our girls to see him at McMenamins on St. Paddy's Day and he had them (and us) cracking up...and they loved their balloon art, of course.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Thanks for your kind support, Chris - I really appreciate you getting the word out on my behalf!

Plus, the 'fuzzy rodent' thing is awesome... I've been telling everybody about that one!!

Thanks again,
-Joe Mishkin