Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Different Kind of Wish List

I'm having trouble coming up with non-food pleasures that I can use as rewards for giving up unhealthy eating habits. Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • pedicure
  • massage
  • facial
  • childfree visit to a nursery, bookstore, library, fabric or yarn store
  • reading a book outside in the sun
  • lunch with a friend (and sometimes, without Annabel)
  • quilting retreat
  • talking to my brother on the phone
  • browsing through nursery catalogs
  • work on plans for house and yard
  • work on quilt

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moral Values

According to Spong, Jesus taught us to respect life, love wastefully, and be true to ourselves. I was reading about keeping promises yesterday. I realized that not keeping promises to myself to lose weight goes against my moral values, insofar as it is dishonest. This morning I was thinking about where my moral values come from: I don't believe in being honest because God said to be honest and I must obey that commandment, but because I simply agree that overall, striving to be honest is better than not. Of course, I may believe that because I was taught to by priests and parents, not simply because I came up with the idea on my own and really absorbed those believes. In fact, I've been consciously ignoring that my behavior hasn't been in keeping with my values for some time. Basically, I'm a hypocrit. Not because I don't act in accordance with my believes, but I don't even pay attention to it, which is also disrespectful, self-destructive, and dishonest, the acting exactly opposites of Jesus' message to "live, love, be." Does this mean I don't believe?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Eastside Playgroup Formed!

So, I started a playgroup. Me. I did it.

It's closer to what I had in mind at first than what I sort of prematurely tried to grow into something larger, which is fine, actually. Whatever this is, it'll probably be healthier without too much meddling from me. So far, I have met Aline, Christy, Sharon, and Laurie in person for a planning meeting. Liked them all immediately--we seemed to all like one another. Last Friday, Sharon and her son Hank came to our house for a very nice visit. I was hoping more people would show up, but it was very pleasant getting to know Sharon a bit more one-on-one. Annabel and Hank got along really well. We have another playgroup meeting this morning at ten, which we're going to attend, probably late.

Quilting and Sewing Projects

So, from my October list of projects, I have completed the ladybug quilt for Annabel's bed, curtains for Annabel's bedroom, chenille scarf for Carol (well, I finished two, one I gave to Annabel, one still needs to be channel cut), guitar quilt for Greg (needs sleeve, label), and the top of the baby quilt for Ashley. I also made Mom and Dad a quilt flamingo wallhanging for their new house. Except I didn't get a sleeve or label on that before Christmas, so it's in a closet in their new house, not on the wall.

I have added to the list:
  • Blue-violet bedroom quilt
  • Kitchen curtains
  • Bedroom curtains
  • Flower wallhanging
  • Vegetable wallhanging
  • My computer bag
  • Tree wallhanging
  • Christmas d├ęcor: placemats and tablerunner, tree skirt, amarylis wallhanging
  • Two items for Mike that will probably be gifts so I won't say what they are here
Plus, I'm working on a flannel-backed lap quilt for me. I decided I had to have one when I was handquilting Annabel's flannel-backed ladybug quilt. It's a yellow brick road pattern, using several prints from Maywood's Gladiolas line. I fell in love with the large print cream, salmon, and garnet gladiolas on the chocolate background print. I have two-thirds of the blocks sewn and together, the fabrics don't look as good to me as they did on the bolt. I will wait until I've got it all together before making judgements.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Misty Morning

Misty Morning Posted by Hello

This is such an anticipatary time of year for me.