Friday, July 27, 2007

IKEA Report

I had a couple hours to kill between a late breakfast out with the kids and Annabel's Bug Camp, so I decided to venture out to IKEA. The stupendously huge parking lot was so packed I almost decided to forgo the whole thing, but the big box must have had me on tractor beam, as I couldn't turn around. I managed, quite accidently, to find the Family Friendly Parking lot. Right next to the store. In fact, the one empty space in that lot was the one closest to the store. Obviously, I was meant to be there, despite my "buy nothing new for a year" commitment that I made merely two months ago. I figured I could just browse, maybe buy something for the kids. I was so excited about the awesome parking space I called Chrissy to tell her about it.

We walked smack dab into Smalland, the awesome play area for kids staffed by about a bazillion young women in yellow shirts. I offered Annabel the choice of shopping with me or going to Smalland. Duh, Smalland, Mom.

Leaving my first-born in the care of total strangers, I took off with Luc to explore. I love IKEA. I have loved it from afar for I can't remember how long...since before I moved to Portland 11 years ago. There was one in Townsend, Maryland, too far from where I lived to bother with actually going there, but this was back when they sent out their paper catalog and I used to spend hours pouring over it. I love the Euro-ness of it. The eco-ness of it. The Swed-glish names for everything.

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