Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Quilting and Sewing Plans

Last count, I was in the midst of or planning to complete eight quilting and sewing projects. Let's see if I can enumerate them all:
  • Ladybug quilt for Annabel's bed (pieced)
  • Curtains for Annabel's bedroom (fabric purchased)
  • Pillowcases for Annabel's floor pillows (fabric purchased)
  • Curtains for master bedroom (2 of 4 finished)
  • Blind for living room window (3 of 4 finished)
  • Chenille scarf for Carol (fabric purchased)
  • Guitar quilt for Greg (fabric purchased, some cut)
  • Baby quilt for Ashley (not started, EDD April 2005)
  • Quilt or duvet cover for master bedroom (not started)

Yep. That's all of 'em. Plus, I've just decided that rather than paint murals in Annabel's room, I'm going to quilt them. A big tree quilt, a big garden quilt...ladybugs everywhere. And I want to get it all done by Christmas.

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