Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moral Values

According to Spong, Jesus taught us to respect life, love wastefully, and be true to ourselves. I was reading about keeping promises yesterday. I realized that not keeping promises to myself to lose weight goes against my moral values, insofar as it is dishonest. This morning I was thinking about where my moral values come from: I don't believe in being honest because God said to be honest and I must obey that commandment, but because I simply agree that overall, striving to be honest is better than not. Of course, I may believe that because I was taught to by priests and parents, not simply because I came up with the idea on my own and really absorbed those believes. In fact, I've been consciously ignoring that my behavior hasn't been in keeping with my values for some time. Basically, I'm a hypocrit. Not because I don't act in accordance with my believes, but I don't even pay attention to it, which is also disrespectful, self-destructive, and dishonest, the acting exactly opposites of Jesus' message to "live, love, be." Does this mean I don't believe?

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