Monday, March 07, 2005

Eastside Playgroup Formed!

So, I started a playgroup. Me. I did it.

It's closer to what I had in mind at first than what I sort of prematurely tried to grow into something larger, which is fine, actually. Whatever this is, it'll probably be healthier without too much meddling from me. So far, I have met Aline, Christy, Sharon, and Laurie in person for a planning meeting. Liked them all immediately--we seemed to all like one another. Last Friday, Sharon and her son Hank came to our house for a very nice visit. I was hoping more people would show up, but it was very pleasant getting to know Sharon a bit more one-on-one. Annabel and Hank got along really well. We have another playgroup meeting this morning at ten, which we're going to attend, probably late.

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